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Introduction to Buddhism

New to Buddhism? This class covers general history, the difference between the major schools, temple ettiquete, questions and answers along with a focus on Korean Buddhism.

Check our schedule of events for exact day and time.

Introduction to Meditation

Interested in learning Buddhist and Zen meditation?  This class covers the introduction to the principles and practices of Zen Buddhist meditation.  Emphasis is placed on the “how to” relating to breathing, postures, focus and daily practice.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the Dharma instructor leading the class.

Check our schedule of events for exact day and time.

Service Orientation and Temple Etiquette

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of any posted service to receive a brief introduction to the temple and to learn basic temple etiquette as demonstrated by one of the staff clergy or Dharma students.

Informal Post Service Question and Response

After most regular Sunday morning services, one or more staff clergy are normally available to respond to questions or concerns of sangha members and visitors. Student visitors are also invited to use this opportunity to ask questions they may have in relation to school projects.