First Time Visitors


We welcome all persons to participate in our services, classes, and events, regardless of the faith tradition, or lack of one, they represent. The core values of Buddhism and the spiritual practice of meditation are conducive to enhancing any other spiritual tradition and its practices.

The best time to visit for a first time visitor is our Sunday Service

What to wear:

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable and preferably muted in color as to not distract
  • Please do not wear shorts in the temple.
  • Socks are worn in the temple. If you happen to forget yours, we have extra pairs!

Arrival Etiquette:

  • Parking is available along the street
  • The outside door leads into our sangha room (gathering room), where we remove our shoes, hang our coats, and greet one another
  • We greet each other by placing our hands palm-to-palm and proceed with a standing bow. This is respectful gesture to each other and also a statement of lowering our ego
    • Ordained members of the temple are given Korean dharma names.   It can be easier to address them by their real names, until you learn their Korean names.
    • Monks and priests also have Korean names.  However, the appropriate way to address a monk, is “Sunim”.  The appropriate way to address a dharma instructor (priest) is “Bup Sanim”.   This is similar to calling a priest “father” or “reverend” in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Temple/Service Etiquette:

  • When entering the temple, a bow should be given to the Buddha statue on the altar
  • You may choose to sit on a cushion, a chair, or even one of our meditation stools/benches, its your choice! Before doing so, we make three standing bows (or full prostrations) towards the altar in respect
  • Don’t worry about knowing procedure! Be mindful, be respectful, and pay attention. We understand this is a new experience and appreciate your efforts in learning our traditions!
  • There will be time after service to meet with the dharma instructors, ask questions and learn more about our temple and Buddhism.

Check out our services page to find out more information.