You may find further resources about Buddhism and our temple here:


Suggested Reading
While there are hundreds upon hundreds of books on Buddhism, here is a selection to help any beginner get started.

Taking the Precepts
Learn about why we take the precepts for lay individuals and the requirements for those who are interested.

Muddy Water Zen Chant Book
Click the above link to view a PDF version of our chanting book. The chants used weekly are:

  • Yebul Moon (page 1)
  • The Maha Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra (page 7)

Institute for Buddhist Studies (USA)
Click the above link to visit the Institute for Buddhist Studies (USA) website. This is the online seminary where all Europe-American Parish Taego monk or dharma instructor aspirants prepare and learn.

Korean Buddhist Taego Order – America Europe Parish
Click the above link to visit the official website of the Korean Buddhist Taego Order in America and Europe.